Monday, July 13, 2009


I cannot decide where to live. I want to live in Atlanta, GA, Augusta, GA, and Shelbyville, TN all at the same time. There are, of course, pros and cons for each one, but the problem is I can't decide which pros really outweigh which cons and which cons outweigh which pros. So, I am enlisting your help to decide. Here goes:


I have a job.
I live for free.
There is a much larger job market for after school.
Billy, Tracy, and the boys.

I have no friends.
There isn't really a school near me that I want to go to.
I would soon want a place of my own, but rent is very expensive here.
Look for a new job elsewhere.
No church, and I HATE church shopping.


I have family there.
I would be between my parents and Billy and Tracy.
It puts me 2 hours closer to my parents.
There is a really nice school, ASU, that I would like to attend.
Less traffic.
Cheaper to live than in Atlanta.

Farther from friends in TN and KY.
Have to find a job.


I have many friends there and a church to go to!
Less traffic.
A school that I would want to attend.
Cheaper to live than Atlanta, and I already have a roommate.
This is my #1 place to move to.
Less job market after grad.
Don't have a job right away.
Closer to friends in KY.
I was always happy here.

I would be 8 hours from my parents, 6 hours from Augusta, and 4 hours from Atlanta.
No job.
I might would have to pay out-of-state fees at school.
In order not to pay extra fees, I would have to live there for one year, but how?
Nowhere near family.

I have italicized the ones that I think are the most important, or weigh the most. What do you think?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Vitamin Water

Whenever I am at work, I usually get really thirsty. In my effort not to drink a lot of coke at work, or at all for that matter, I went in search of an alternative. I had seen this stuff called Vitamin Water, but I always passed it by, being that I am not a big fan of flavored water. I also didn't really know of anyone who drank it, so there was no one I could ask for their opinion. Finally, one day I broke down and bought one. In case you are not familiar, they come in several different flavors, each one designed for a specific purpose. So, I picked one out (I think I picked Focus, because it was pink!) and proceeded to the check out. Well, I tried, and after that, I was hooked. I have tried several different flavors and have actually found some favorites. My #1 is Revive, which is fruit punch. This one offers plenty of potassium, vitamin c, and several b vitamins. Its purpose is to revive you, or refresh you if you are not feeling particularly energetic. My next favorite is Power+C, which is dragonfruit. This one offers vitamin c, zinc, and a couple of b vitamins. Its purpose is to give you the power and stamina needed to run marathons, or chase your kids! Lastly, I like Focus, which is kiwi-strawberry. This one offers lutein, vitamin a, c, and several b vitamins. Its purpose, according to, is to "positively contribute to your eye health." So, not only have a found a refreshing beverage that tastes good, but it's good for me too!


For a little while now, I have been thinking of getting a tattoo. I haven't ever really been one to want a lot of tattoos or piercings, but now I think I would like just a little something, just because it is a little out of character for me. However, I don't want to get a tattoo, just to be getting a tattoo. I want it to be something significant. Something that means something to me, and not just a stupid butterfly or flower with my name on it. Something meaningful. So, I set out in search of the perfect, meaningful, tattoo. I was thinking about a Chinese symbol for something like "love" or "purity" or "grace," but then a friend turned me onto Japanese symbols, which are actually a lot prettier. In typing in "Japanese tattoos" on google, I found a website called and I think I have found what I am looking for. The symbol itself means "God's Grace" and it is very pretty. If you go to the website, click on religious. Scroll down a bit and you will see a large list of things in that category, including God's grace. If you click on that one, 4 different designs will appear at the top of the page, and the one I am considering is labeled "semi-cursive." If I were to get it, it would go on the top of my foot just under my pinky toe. (yes, I stole this location from my friend, Leslie. I am such a copy cat, I know!) What do you think?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Give It Up

Several years ago, I made the decision to give up soda and ice cream for one year. Starting that day in September, 2002, I would not drink soda or eat ice cream for one year. Of course, I had rules. Well, one rule. I kept sprite so that when I went to a restaurant where I didn't trust the water they would have made the sweet tea with, I could get a fountain drink that I thought would be "safe." I did very well for that one year, and really, I wasn't tempted at all. For example, one time, I went to Baskin Robbins with some church members on the way home from Gatlinburg. They all got ice cream, but I wasn't even tempted to cave. I made it that whole year without drinking any kind of "coke" except for sprite at restaurants, but when it came to ice cream, that following June, I caved. Back then, ice cream was my weakness, so when it got hot, self-control went out the window and I enjoyed some mint chocolate chip ice cream. Even now though, I limit myself on the number of soft drinks I have in one day, and ice cream is no longer something I have to have. If I eat it, I try to be mindful of the other sweets I eat as the days/weeks go by so that I don't have to go up a pants size.

I don't really know why I did it. For the most part, I think I just became aware how much of each of them I consumed and decided that in order to kick the habit, I just needed to stop cold turkey. It was during this little "exercise" that I learned I have impeccable self-control, which is something I greatly appreciate!

Why did I just tell you all of that, you ask? Well, I have decided, once again, to give something up. At this very moment, I have no idea what that something(s) is, but I definitely think soda will be on the list. Since I don't really eat a lot of ice cream these days anyway, it would hardly be worth the effort to lay off, and I don't really eat that many sweets. (despite the fact that I work in a bakery!!) Even now, as I sit here, I can't really think of any one thing that I eat too much of. So, perhaps I shouldn't so much focus on something I should GIVE UP, as I should think about what I should TAKE UP. For example, instead of giving up ice cream, I should eat more vegetables (which I LOVE, so no problem there!). I'm going to have to think on this, in the meantime..........

Any suggestions?