Monday, September 28, 2009

Family Prayer Requests

First up, my Grandmother had surgery on one of her feet last Friday. I'm not sure exactly why, but her toes on both of her feet have started "shifting" and so, one foot at a time, she is having steel rods placed in her toes to straighten them out. She had the first foot done this past Friday, and in 6 weeks, she will have the other one done. I talked to her Friday night and she was doing alright, granted her foot was starting to wake up, so she was just beginning to feel the repercussions of such a pleasant procedure. I'm not really sure what to ask for you to pray, other than that God would be with her, and that the pain would be minimal.

Next, just before my Grandmother went into surgery, she received a phone call. That phone call was to let her know that her son, my biological father, had been in a motorcycle accident and had several injuries. He has a broken arm, which had to have surgery. Steel rods and metal plates are holding his arm together because, while they could get it set, it wouldn't stay. He has, obviously, several scrapes and bruises, road burn, and 4 broken ribs. Please pray that his arm and ribs heal nicely, he wouldn't experience too much pain, and will be able to enjoy our upcoming Disney experience to the full extent!

Finally, my brother has Swine Flu. Or so I've heard. I believe he started showing symptoms on Saturday, and is still sick today, Monday. Please pray that he would get over this quickly, and will be able to catch up with school easily.

Also, since my parents and sister live in the same house as my brother, please pray that they would not get this sickness, or that, if they already have, they would get over it quickly.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blockbuster Online

So, I recently signed up for blockbuster online. I started with the 2 week free trial, and then I went with the one movie at a time, unlimited per month plan. So far, I'm loving it!! I have seen all of the Tyler Perry movies, which are hilarious, and I just saw "I Love You, Man" which was crazy hilarious! I did see "Dance Flick" which was TERRIBLE!!! As I knew it would be, but the main storyline for this spoof was "Save The Last Dance," which I love, so I had to see this. What a waste! Next up is "The Reader" starring Kate Winslet. This movie, as well as Kate Winslett, got several nominations so it ought to be pretty good. We shall see. Well, that's all for tonight folks.

Btw, in the coming months, my blogs will probably be more personal, and not so much of this random Wii and Blockbuster shout outs. Just so you know.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...Come Again In 10 More Days

It rained here for a week and a half straight. It was depressing, really. Then, one morning I wake up to find that my friend sent me a text asking if I was alright. I knew she meant from the rain, but I still thought that was strange. I mean, sure, there was a river running along one side of our yard, flowing into the one going down the sides of the street, but was I ok? Of course. It wasn't until I got on the internet the next day, and on my home page there was an article about a family who jumped from their home in order to save their lives, that I realized that while I might be ok, there were some families who weren't. So, while I thought the rain was depressing in a gloomy sort of way, there are families who found the rain depressing in a whole other way. Above are some pictures that were taken in this area. The one of the roller coaster is at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So, all along I have known that I would be leaving for Disney on October 4th, but up until just the other day, I did not realize that that day was only 9 DAYS AWAY!!! Holy crap where did the time go?!? Who cares?!?! I'm going to DISNEY!!! Begin Countdown.....

That's a really lame 9.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have sooo many things to blog about, but I just CAN'T! Not yet, anyway. Life decisions are being made and I am totally PUMPED!!! I know, I know. I've said that before, but this time all of the ducks are in a row; I just have to bite the bullet and go for it! So, that's all for now. Wish me luck!!

Prayer Requests:
A good, decent roommate
Money all falls into place
New job

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vampire Diaries

There's this new show on the CW called "Vampire Diaries." It is very intriguing and I LOVE it!! It's about this young woman, named Elena, who has two vampires in her midst. One of them, who does not feed on humans, is in love with her and the other, his brother who does feed on humans, is very evil and trying to make the "good" vampires life miserable. So, we have sibling rivalry, forbidden love, a character with psychic abilities, and the all-too-familiar high school drama going on making for one amazing show. If you haven't taken part in this awesome, mysterious show, you are definitely missing out!! You can catch up on the first two episodes on Be sure you check those out before this Thursday at 8/7c so you can be up to speed for episode 3. You won't be disappointed!

Lovin' Me Some Wii Fit

So, I started my Wii Fit a couple of weeks ago and I have lost about 3lbs since then. That is exciting. I also feel myself getting stronger, and am noticing a difference in my forearms. On the other hand, my back is killing me. On Wii Fit, you can do yoga, which includes a lot of stretching of your back. Well, now my back hurts. I'm hoping this is a good thing, because I feel like I am growing a hunchback. Goody. Overall, though, Wii Fit is not only helpful, it's also fun. Check it out.

In addition, I have also started a new quiet time, or devotional time. I am doing "Jesus: 90 Days with the One and Only" by Beth Moore. I have never done a Beth Moore study, but I know several people who have and they love them. The one I am doing isn't really a bible study as it is a devotional time. I like it because it doesn't take a lot of time, and yet you still get a lot out of it. If you have never done one of her studies like this, I highly recommend it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


was much better!!! Thanks to my day yesterday, I woke up with a feeling of dread thinking that when I got to work today, I would be written up for something. This feeling was so bad, I wanted to call in sick, but instead, I went to work. It was completely fine. I got there and the mgr who had lectured me the night before, called me to the front and asked me to help out; this was before I even had a chance to start on my tasks for the day. So, after that, I knew I would be ok. I cannot say the same for two of the people with whom I work. The first one told me not long after I got there, that he had gotten written up this morning because last night when he left, his department was not "up to par" and because he left early without informing management. The second friend, who is not very well liked by our boss, Trish*, for unknown, and probably stupid reasons, was told by our MOD that Trish had called and told him that she wanted my friend terminated because he had lied to her, and she didn't want him anymore. Lucky for my friend, the MOD recognizes that he is a good, hard worker, and told him that he would not be terminated. However, it would be nice if he would apologize to Trish for the situation. I'm sure that my friend will do that, but that will not make Trish like him anymore, not to mention she will be on his case even more. Sorry Parker*!!!!

*Names have been changed....hehe

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Yesterday SUCKED!! It started out fine...while I was still at home. Once I left my house, it started to go downhill, and I mean quickly. I got in my car to leave, and immediately my gas light came on, which it had done the night before on my way home, and I had forgotten that I needed to get gas. Ok, fine. I went to the gas station, put in my $10, got back in my car and started on my way to work. As I'm driving down the longest stretch, I start to have an "attack," or, in layman's terms, a bathroom emergency. Well, I contemplate for a moment: do I want to try to make it to work? even if I can make it to work, do I really want to do this THERE? Hmm, that doesn't matter because I don't think I'm going to make it to work. So, I turn around and head back to my house. Luckily, I wasn't more than 8 minutes from home, so that only left me 15 minutes late for work. Ok, fine. Bathroom emergency taken care of, on my way once again. I get to work. As I am clocking in, I notice a cake on the breakroom table; it looks like coconut. I clock in, walk into the breakroom to see what the occasion is that we have cake in the breakroom. It's not coconut. It's the 3-layer 50th anniversary cake, that took me majority of the previous day to make, (and therefore other things that really needed to be done got put on the back burner) for my boss's parents' wedding anniversary. He asked someone else to redo it, so mine made it to the breakroom to be devoured by my fellow employees. Ok, fine. My cake really wasn't that great, I realize; after all, I have no experience with that kind of thing. (and the redo was very pretty) So, I go on about my day. I get to the bakery to find that my other boss, the same one who did the redo, had base-iced me several cakes (the ones that were put on the back burner the day before) so that I could decorate them. Awesome! I proceed to decorate, and fill that part of the bunker. Well, I then decide to do some cupcakes, which were on the agenda for today, but I really felt they needed to be done ASAP. So, I go to the back freezer to get a case of cupcakes, only to return to the bakery and realize I don't have time. Well, I do 4 6-packs of cupcakes, and ask my friend Cameron to help me clean since I am behind. He agrees, and I end up getting done an hour before I need to leave. So, I debate. Should I do some cupcakes even though by the time I get everything out, and ready to go, there won't be much time before I have to start cleaning up again? Not to mention, my bakery is already clean, and do I really want to clean it twice? No, I don't. So, I go up front and help the guy at customer service because he has a rather long line, and he tends to be a bit slow. No problem. I help him knock it out, and everything is good to go. I get started bagging, when the MOD calls me over and asks me why I am up front. My being up front is not the first time I have done this, and usually this is no big deal. Apparently, that is no longer the case. I explain why I am up front, and he asks me if my department is in top shape. I tell him no; the cupcakes are low. He then proceeds to lead me to the bakery and lecture me on how I should "make sure my own department is in good shape before I help another." I understand this; makes perfect sense. My problem? The fact that I am a hard worker who normally does a lot more than the bakery MANAGER, and leaves the bakery looking pretty darn good, and yet, here we are pretending as though that is not the usual circumstance, and acting like I don't know how to do my job. Thanks! Ok, fine. I leave work, and go out to eat with some friends from work. We have a good time, the food is good, we laugh, tell funny stories, talk some store gossip, everything there is great. We leave the restaurant and part ways, my friend Delia is riding with me. We aren't really ready to go home yet so we ride around for a little bit, go into walmart, and then just hang out and talk. This is when I learn that "bank guy," the cute guy who works at the bank in my store, is not interested because he "has standards." Excuse me? I'm sorry, but EXCUSE ME?!?!?! I am the EPITOME of standards!! I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, I don't have sex, since I don't have sex I also don't have any STD nastiness, I come from educated people, I was raised in a nice home with an English teacher for a mother so I have impeccable grammar and a vocabulary that goes on for days, and he's not interested because he has STANDARDS?????????????????? Needless to say, yesterday, I was apparently walking around in a parallel universe. I hope today I have woken up on planet Earth. Stay tuned....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

daily reminder

As I was praying for one of my friends this morning, I was reminded of something I should have never forgotten. Lately I have been so caught in what I want to be, and the things I want to have, that I have lost track of WHO I am supposed to be, and who created me in His image. It doesn't really matter what profession I choose, or how much money it makes, or how many children I have. What does matter is how I choose to portray Christ and let others see Him through me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life's Questions

I've been thinking about my future a lot lately, and it's really hard to decide what will make me the happiest. Do I want to teach? Do I want to work in Marketing? Do I want to live in Atlanta, Augusta, or Tennesee? How many kids do I want? Is it ok if my dogs outnumber my children? Where do I want to get married? and the list goes on and on. How are we supposed to decide today what will make us happy tomorrow?

I have a friend who just started seminary. In some cases, I envy her. She knows where God wants her, at least for today, and she's working towards fulfilling her role in His great plan. I wish that could be me. I don't know what role God has for me. I have no idea where He wants me or how I fit into His will. I have these talents that He has given me, and I know that I am supposed to use them for His Kingdom, but how do I get there? That is the biggest question that plagues me everyday: where am I supposed to be? So, that is the new question, the only question, I should be seeking the answer to, because once I find that, everything else will fall into place.