Monday, April 26, 2010

Why shouldn't I have a dog???

I am getting ready to purchase a Great Dane, something I have wanted to do for a very long time, and I feel as though everyone around me thinks it's a bad idea. Why is that? I think I am plenty old enough to be responsible for a dog. I am pretty sure I am finally at a time in my life when I can support a dog. If the last semester is any indication, I think I have the time for a dog. What's the problem? Here is my point of view....

It seems to me that people probably think at least one of these things: I don't have time. I'm not ready for a dog financially. I don't really like dogs and would not want it for very long. Great Danes, being a larger breed, need a lot of space, time, and exercise.

None of those are true. I do have time. I spend a lot of my time at home, either watching tv, reading, on the internet, homework, etc. Those are all things I can do with my GD. They LOVE being lazy. Everything I have ever read about GDs is that they like to lounge, they don't need a lot of exercise, they are laid back creatures. How does that not fit into my life?!? I make fairly decent money for a poor college student, maybe not for an intelligent 25 year old, but for a college student, yes. Ok, so I may not be a small, yippy dog lover, but I am a large dog lover. I want a dog I can cuddle on the couch with, or take for a stroll in the park, or just sit and pet whilst doing absolutely nothing! Great Danes are perfect for all of that! Look it up, I did! So, before you judge me, and my decision on not only getting a dog, but on getting a Great Dane, think about what my life is, and look up what a Great Dane is like, and see if the two don't coincide. I've done my homework, thanks.


Steve said...

We don't really care...either way. We (those of us who love you) just want you stop obsessing about it.

shea said...

I cant help it- im excited!