Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting Acclimated!!

It takes me a VERY long time to get acclimated whenever I move to a new place and build myself a brand new life. Meeting new people has never been something I did with great ease, and even though I have gotten A LOT better than i used to be, I'm still not great at it. Tonight was my first night at my new store. The people seem to be very nice. One girl did walk up to me and tell me what to do with a sort of arrogance about her, and that said to me that she was trying to put me in my place and make sure I knew where I was on the totem pole, but I am not that easily deterred. In observing several of the "supervisory" employees, including this girl, I determined that most of my front end manager's team is crap. They don't help customers efficiently, they don't answer phones efficiently, and they don't get work done efficiently. I am to be one of these people, and I WILL show them up.

On a better note, I went to church this morning. Well, yesterday morning. It's past midnight here. I went to a church my family and me attended many years ago when we lived in Augusta and I saw people I knew from way back when. Lots of things have changed. I only attended SS and then I left to come home because I was stressing about having to be at work this afternoon, and not sure what I was supposed to wear. So, naturally, I had to miss church. I think I might visit there one more time just to give it a fair shot. I liked the SS teachers, and their daughter (and behold! there was the entire class, including myself!!) so I may go back because according to them, they have a few others who attend the class. However, as an initial observation, this church doesn't seem to have what I'm looking for. That would have been too easy!

Finally, I'm getting my room adjusted to how I like it. My closet is in order, my drawers are, for the most part, organized, and my furniture is arranged nicely. I just need to get the rest of my junk where it belongs, you know, after I figure out where it belongs. That's my project for tomorrow. I don't have to work, and I don't have that blasted science class until 5:30, so organizing and cleaning my room is a good project for a nice, potentially rainy day. Good times!!!!


Steve said...

you'll never get acclimated if you only go once or twice. Give WSBC a chance. It's close, you know people, they're not a cult........

shea said...

its not just about getting acclimated. im not going to go there just to be going to church. the people i know there are old, and not even all of them go there anymore. they dont really have anyone there my age as far as i can tell, and if not, then this isnt it.